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Candies in the Community

Lanier’s Fine Candies: serving the region from our Southeast Seattle community.

Lanier Story of how he started

What an incredible story Herman Lanier has to share about his journey of Lanier's Fine Candy. Greatness doesn't happen over night. He's been perfecting his craft for over 40 years! #connect10k #rainierbeach #entrepreneur

Posted by Connect 10k on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Herman Lanier started his small business, Lanier’s Fine Candies in 2011 after retiring from University of Washington. 

A family recipe passed down from his aunt, Herman started making his famous peanut brittle as a hobby for friends, family and his co-workers at the university on special occasions such as holidays and birthdays.  Before long, the popularity of his candy started to spread—more and more requests for a batch of the fine candy. 

Consequently, a co-worker made the suggestion for Herman to dip his peanut brittle in chocolate.  Herman’s first attempt was milk chocolate, but after a few trial and errors, realized a specialty melting chocolate created an undeniable taste that is now the signature flavor behind Lanier’s Finer Candies. 

Once Lanier retired, he turned his passion into profit by purchasing a custom conveyor belt and transformed his basement into a State-approved chocolate factory. 

Made in small batches, these fresh “out-of-the-kettle” candies are preservative-free with all-natural ingredients. The line of candies includes: Almond Brittle, Cashew Brittle, Macadamia Brittle, Peanut Brittle, and Pecan Brittle.  Each comes in the choice of Dark or Milk Chocolate. 

Lanier’s Fine Candies can be found all over the Seattle region including Ventures at Pike Place Market.

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