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Meet the Team

Phil Manzano

Position: Southend Connect Project Director

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Profession: Freelance writer/editor/content strategist

Favorite Southend Neighborhood: Upper Rainier Beach

How He’s Connected: I’m coordinating and guiding the various creative workflows, products and outreach efforts that make up the Southend Connect project. Mainly, I’m a storyteller, love to hear/read/watch well-told stories, and believe in the power of story to connect and transform.

Susan Davis

Position: Director

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Profession: Rainier Chamber Executive Director

Favorite Southend Neighborhood: Love them all for different reasons!

How She’s Connected: Susan has lived in the Southend for 30 years and was hired to run the Rainier Chamber in 2007. She grew up in a family of story and joke tellers and never gets tired of learning about people through how they tell a story.

Derek Johnson

Position: Filmmaker

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Profession: Filmmaking

Favorite Southend Neighborhood: Old Town

How He’s Connected:  I am the S.E. Seattle filmmaker who will be producing foundational video content, as a director and director of photography which will also supplement the campaign in social media publishing.

diane moore

Diane Moore

Position: Storytelling Trainer

Hometown: Alpena, MI

Profession: Leadership development consultant and coach

Favorite Southend Neighborhood: Whichever one she’s dining in at the moment. She loves to eat!

How She’s Connected: Diane has lived in Mount Baker for twenty years. She’s excited to bring her training skills and passion for listening to people’s stories to Southend Connect.

Ali Scattergood

Position: Filmmaker

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Profession: Founder & Filmmaker | Oak Light Films

Favorite Southend Neighborhood: Columbia City

How She’s Connected: I am a documentary filmmaker and photographer based in Seattle. I’ve partnered up with Derek Johnson to Direct and Produce the video series portion of the Southend Connect campaign. |

Haley Williams

Position: Graphic designer

Hometown: Skipton, UK

Profession: Freelance graphic designer with /co-owner, Cafe Red

Favorite Southend Neighborhood: Othello Neighborhood

How She’s Connected:  I am working on all things graphic, including the brand along with the web presence. I’m excited to complement the stories with warm, bespoke design!

Hopscotch Creative


Angela Casteneda

Curtis Brown

Eve Keller

Jason Morrison

Juli Cummings

Lori Brown

Monika Matthews

Paul Cabarga

Ryan Pevoto

Shion Sakakura

Zed Aschenaki

Ashley McCarrol

Daphne Schneider

Hal Brookins

Jean Veldwyk

Kate Harkins

Mark Temmel

Muriel Moore

Phil Manzano

Sabranie Coyne

Stewart Bowerman

Barbara Oswald

Dr. Abdirahman Tache

Henry Wong

Jevon Washington

Kathie Weibel

Markos Weiss

Natalie Hester

Ravi Banga

Sarah Rankin

Susan Gleason

Beth Pascarella

Dr. Ahmed Ali

Howard Gutknecht

Joan Weiss

Kathy Fowells

Mehateme Emiru

Nick Niccolls

Robin Oppenheimer

Sarah Valenta

Theo Martin

Buffy Ritt

Eve Keller

Dr. Yonaton Ahdut

Janet Dowd

Joey Manson

Lance Randall

Mona Lee

Patricia Killam

Ron Angeles

Shari Kaufman

Tony To