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Stories from the Othello International Festival


Don Blake, on building changes throughout the Southend

Hayley Ingram, new to the Southend, on the sacredness of life

Randy Wigler, neighbors who want to do something good for the Southend Community

Jennifer Harr, a loving and welcoming community in the Southend

Den'ea Simone and cast from the Teen Summer Musical production of Cinderella

Mary Charles, things have changed at Rainier Beach High School

Reggie Brown, on the origins of Othello Park

Charlotte Thistle and daughter on getting around on a bike

Patience Mizeru, loving the Southend and 98118

Mohamud Yussuf on displacement and gentrification in the Southend

John DeRocco, remembering Garlic Gulch and homemade wine

Madeline Vinh, walking goats in Columbia City

Erin Goodman on enduring relationships and connections in the Southend

Margaret Gofman, on volunteering at the Rainier Valley Food Bank

Allynn Ruth on people who loved and believed in the children of the Southend

Anthony Shelby, lifeguarding at Seward Park Beach

Ben Wahl and daughter on neighbors and the best parks of Rainier Beach

Dr. Yonaton Ahdut and Hanah Yoo, envisioning the future of the Southend

Mark DeRocco, lessons from growing up in the Southend

Fawn Sterling and daughter Rasheeawnna, on an amazing day in the Southend


Basil Oluo from the south end of Nigeria to the Southend of Seattle

Trevor Alleger, the Southend is accessible and great retirement commmunity

Gabriella Duncan, live and let live, love and let love

Polo Decano, the deep pride and diversity of the Southend

Tajiana Ellis, so many different cultures, countries in the Southend

Suad Yousef, like everyone else, "we are all the same" in the Southend

Merriann Writler Osborne, a story from the African American Writer's Alliance

Rebecca Saldana, privileged to represent the Southend, where the world calls home

Josh Voss, community is everything in the Southend

Jesse Kona, rooted in the Southend

Tyrone Kenney and Yvette Dinesh, staying busy doing God's work in the community

Selam Misgano, representing immigrants in the Southend

Georgia McDade, bringing voices that matter to the Southend

Jacqueline Ware, get to know your neighbors in the Southend

Diana Fairbank and Budi Mulyo, on emerging technology workers in the Southend

Dedriq Trinide, on giving back to the Southend community

Howard Skilisbury, life in the Southend

Ross Wilson, celebrating Darigold's 100 years of making milk for communities

Suzanne Simmons, carrots and community - both have strong roots

Derrick Hoard, on the joy of diversity

Marc Bryant, helping Seniors in the Southend stay strong and active

Phyllis Porter, Southeast Seattle offers the world in the community